These recommendations are from a variety of university teachers and former employers. If you would like to receive references and obtain copies of recommendation letters, please contact me via one of the options listed on my contact page.

As the first foreigner who started working for our company, Nasser was facing lots of challenges that he had to overcome such as the adaptation to Chinese business culture, language and market.  To our suprise he quickly overcame all these obstacles and we were truly impressed with his drive, determination, dedication, and hard work to succeed. Nasser has excellent communication, presentation, negotiation and persuasion skills. He is well  organized, reliable, competitive, knowledgeable, dedicated, smart and an excellent salesman. We recommend him highly and we are certain Nasser would be a valuable asset to any company.. 

Leo Wan 万力 & Tyler Wang 王平
Company Head/Owner 公司抬/所有人 & Sales Manager 销售经理
Shanghai Paramount Culture Communication 上海百若萌文化传播有限公

We know Nasser as dutiful and hard working young professional; his details-oriented, warm-hearted, smart, full of exploring spirits characters give us a very good impression. We sincerely give Nasser our best recommendation and wish him all the best in the future career...... 

Managing Director 执行总裁 
Peter Hao 郝利 
Uoutlook Education Inc.上海欧露克教育投资管理有限公

In over twenty years of broadcast business experience, I have not known other students with talent equivalent to Nasser. Nasser is a motivated young man of numerous talents and considerable self discipline. He is enthusiastic, trusting and trustworthy and I can recommend him as a very talented person that would be an asset for any organisation.

Gijs Davelaar
Managing Director
iphion B.V. / Your.TV

A student with a very strong international orientation and a determination to succeed Nasser is capable of both independent research and collaborative group work.

William John Palser
International Relations
Inholland University
of Applied Sciences

Nasser is a conscientious employee, who possessed a logical and practical approach to his work and was excellent at completing projects efficiently in a timely manner, Nasser would be an asset to any organization.

Deborah Lewis
CEO, Chief Experience Officer

I can confirm that Nasser is an excellent student. As a graduate of our Media & Entertainment Management Programme, he has acquired excellent research skills and an extensive knowledge in Marketing Communication. He has demonstrated an excellent capacity for communication skills – both verbal and written. In addition, he is very motivated, as evidenced in his desire to continue to challenge himself.

Melissa Duchak M. Mus
Lecturer IMEM Co-ordinator
Inholland University of Applied Sciences

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