My digital portfolio contains a variety of selected writing samples that are highly marked by university teachers during my study period and presentation materials created throughout my studies and work. I have had to use research and analysis skills throughout my studies and work. Dissertations, research and work projects have taught me how to plan my time effectively and use resources in the most efficient way.  Please browse my portfolio and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Townscape Housing Shanghai Marketing plan [PDF file] 
A marketing plan for a Chinese real estate company Townscape Housing Shanghai. This plan is based on the question: How to improve Townscape Housing Shanghai marketing and promotion efforts in the online marketplace among Western expats?

Presentation materialsSamples of various persentation materials I have used during my studies and work periods  

  • Sarah Talley and Frey Farms Produce: Negotiating with Wal-Mart [Prezi] 
  • Chrysler Imported From Detroit Campaign [Prezi]
  • The Dynamics of Business Orientation [Prezi] 
  • Paramount Culture Communication [Powerpoint
  • Your.TV [Powerpoint] & Dissarono [Powerpoint

Postgraduate dissertation [PDF file]
China is on the verge of becoming the largest e-commerce market in the world. Western success in this market has proven to be hard to achieve due to underestimations of Chinese competition and the lack of consideration for Chinese culture. Guanxi is a traditional Chinese concept that describes a special inter-personal relationship and is considered to be one of the most important success factors when conducting business in China. This paper has set to explore how Guanxi principles are implemented in the Chinese online marketplace and whether they can be transferred to the western concept of Relationship Marketing.

Undergraduate thesis [PDF file]
A marketing communication plan for the television company Your.TV; this plan describes how to introduce an Arabic television package to the European Arab consumers by making use of Marketing Communication. This plan is nominated for the IABM Awards 2012 for Design and Innovation. This award recognises products that offer significant solutions and new opportunities to the broadcast supply industry.

Internship report [PDF file]
This internship report describes my experiences during my internship abroad. The internship report contains an overview of the company background, activities, tasks and projects that I have worked on during my internship period, as well as the skills I gained and personal developments I have made.  

Fastlane Marketing plan [PDF file]
A marketing plan on how to market the young professionals networking event Fastlane. It outlines the strategies needed to successfully promote the event.

Design briefing European Union embassy [PDF file]
A proposal to create and design an EU embassy, one which will become a hub for all the economic and cultural collaboration of the European countries.

Dutch architects in China [PDF file]
An essay that discusses why Dutch architects are so popular in China. It explains Dutch architects’ motivations and working experiences.

European Green Capital Award Lobby plan [PDF file]
A lobby plan describing the steps the city of Rotterdam needs to take to become the European Green Capital in 2014.

Promotional blog articles [PDF file]
An overview of articles I wrote during my internship period abroad at the event planning company Toronto CityEvents. I wrote these blog articles for Toronto CityEvents and Deblewis website.

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