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International Marketing: Why Global Marketing Is So Important Nowadays

I want to pursue an international career in marketing. Over the years I have worked hard in pursuing this goal. All the educational studies, courses, projects and internships that I have done so far are all related to Marketing. Ever since I was a student I had a major interest in this subject. The marketing process has always fascinated it me. The process that starts off with the analysis stage involving collecting, analyzing and identifying potential Marketing opportunities. The planning stage selecting target groups and setting objectives and creating strategies to achieve results. The implementation stage developing coordinated programs using an integrated marketing mix. All these aspects have to be considered and dealt with when dealing with marketing. 

As the world is globalizing so is the market place. Clothing line, Food and telecommunication companies are all providing their services around the world. This development is mainly the cause of the technology of nowadays. The marketing opportunities are expanding and since the introduction of internet global marketing has become much easier. E-commerce and exchanging goods and services is done so easily and more freely than ever before thanks to the use of Internet.

The globalisation of the world markets allows companies to market products and services globally. This opens doors to new businesses, growth and expansions of companies. When domestic markets become saturated in the US and developing European countries, exploring new markets internationally provides Western companies new opportunities. As rising markets in Asia, Africa and South America become more stabile and commercialized, their demand for foreign products and services increases. This gives Western companies the chance to make use of international marketing to grow and expand and generate revenues. 

That is why International Marketing is very important in today’s business world. And because I am so interested in Marketing, I am starting in September 2013 the postgraduate programme International Marketing at King’s College London. This programme will provide the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities I seek to build an International career.

Based on my educational background and work experience I can confidently say that I have obtained the basic knowledge, skills and abilities that are required in the field of marketing. But because I am really international oriented and I am perusing an international career, I need more knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve this goal.

King’s College London is one of England’s oldest and most prestigious university. The university is ranked as one of the world’s top 25 universities. King’s College Msc International Marketing programme fits my interests. The programme teaches students to handle environmental, cross cultural and political risks that are involved in international marketing. It prepares students for successful careers in the world of international business. The programme content offers a series of core course such as International Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Strategy and Planning, Marketing Theory and Practise, Research in Marketing. The programme also offers electives courses in a range of areas including International Business Negotiations, Business to Business Marketing, Digital Marketing, International Marketing Communications and Brand Management.

I have always been internationally oriented! The world is too big not to be aware or fascinated by all the diverse people with different cultures and backgrounds. I come from different cultures and I speak multiple languages. I am closely connected with the continents Africa, Middle East and Europe. I have also done work experience in North America and Asia. I have studied and worked in the Netherlands and I have done internships in both Canada and in China. It is only logical for me that someone who is multicultural, international oriented with international work experience to pursue something more global and international. 

Hopefully with all the knowledge, skills and abilities I will obtain from this programme, I will be able to build and start an international career. This programme provides the marketing knowledge and understanding that is needed for the international business world. That is why King’s College London International programme is perfect for people like me who seek positions in international firms.